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released December 28, 2016



all rights reserved


sibbysabs UK

Hey, I'm a 14 year old singer-songwriter from the UK who loves making music.

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Track Name: Man on a tightrope
Man on a tight rope
He’s in his own world
He could fall to his death this very minute
But I know he won’t fall

He won’t fall because I’m on the other side
With my arms out wide I will save him…
From the monsters in his mind

The monsters in his mind
Eating away his soul
Eating away this happiness in this wonderful, wonderful world
And ever since it happened you have always tried to change
But you even remember the start of your name

As he walks his life on his bare feet
The water crashes beneath,
He steps to the rhythm of his heartbeat
Over the waterfalls reef


Man on a tightrope
He’s in his own world
He’s falling to his death this very minute
But he’ll never know why
Track Name: Brave enough
Black and white
The photographs in your room
The fairy lights
Out of place
But you loved the blue

I lit up your life and
You said I lit up yours too
But I know you were lying
I know that’s true

Come back and say it to my face yeah

Come on
If your strong enough
Brave enough
Throw me a punch
If you think it’ll burn a hole in me
You were wrong

I can’t write a song these days
That isn’t about you
We were friends for a very long time
But now look what it’s come to


But the truth is
I’m not strong enough
Brave enough
Throw me a punch
And it’ll burn a hole in me
I was wrong
Track Name: Mind Game
Your feet run faster than your mind can handle
And so the only thing you ever do is fall, down
Your hands shake as you brace yourself
But the pain stays around

These lights will guide you
And the chain around your neck will help you carry through

Please go now

You draw lines on the walls to get things off your mind
But you know he’s not there anymore and it’s all your fault
What you did cannot be undone
He was never real
It was all a matter of time

Track Name: Dark waters
Shivers creeping down our spines
We’re looking around with nothing to find
No point in life
No goals to reach
No dreams just nightmares in our sleep

In a different galaxy far far away
I could be a somebody
Don’t listen to what they say
On a different universe
On a big blue star
I would have your heart
And we would never be apart

The moon shines on my face
Gives me some security in this dark place
The only security
That I will ever have


You said
Rise like the tide
You said
Come here stay by my side
But I just knew right in my mind it would go wrong

Track Name: Try
Tell me you know how to live a perfect life
With no regrets
And tell me you know how to live each and everyday
Without a plan for what comes next

Tell me to believe what you say
Tell me to believe you mind
Tell me

I wanna see you try
To make your mother proud
To get out of your head
And make it in the world

Wake up from your dream
It’s not what you see

Try your best
I give up
You passed the test
Im sorry I had my doubts
But you never made it past your mouth
Track Name: Oh dear
If you find a reason he says
I’ll let you go
You can fly
But only if I say so
I know with everything I’ve said
You'll come home today
And act like nothing happened
Coz I’m the only one who makes you feel okay

Oh dear I think I’m going crazy
I can’t hear what anybody’s saying
Oh dear it’s strangling the very air
We breathe and all of us do nothing
At all

So if I accept your mission
What will you give me in return?
Can you assure we’ll be safe and sound?
Will it be worth it
Or will we not be coming home at all?


I’ts scary how these thoughts
Come into your mind
When everyone else sleeps calmly
I’ts scary how these thoughts
Come into your mind
Come in

Track Name: My eyes
Chequered shirt and skinny jeans
Her music taste
And the way she sings
It aint the same as me

You listen to the same bands
But she likes them more than you
She took you to that gig
But I bought us tickets for two

I never thought it'd come to this
I thought you said my eyes were the prettiest of things
But now you sail away
And you never even looked back

You like the same shade of blue
So my purples weren’t good enough for you
It’s not the same
You said
It’s not the same as hers

She has more money than the both of us
But I never thought you’d be one to judge
I gave everything that I had
I guess it wasn't enough